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Total UpgradeJune 2022March 2023
%300 CLICKS10.000 CLICKS
*Monthly figures rounded approximately (see graph)
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*Source: Google Search Console

Where it was before SEO & where it is now

This website has gone from receiving around 300 to 5,000 monthly visits and has become a marketplace.

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How have we achieved it?

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*Source: Ahrefs

These are some of work carried out:

  • SEO Audit to evaluate the state of the website, detect errors and the most important points in which it was necessary to prioritize work.
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*Source: SEO Audit Serviplast – Keywords Research Excel
  • Keyword Research to find the relevant keywords that have a purchase purpose.
  • URL classification to group related keywords into very specific URLs, thus helping Google to understand the pages.
  • Optimization of URLs to make them more user friendly.
  • Optimization of titles, descriptions and H1 tags to improve Google ranking, organic traffic and CTR.
  • Interlinking to improve user navigation, tracking and Domain Authority sharing. For this we have created a custom WordPress Plugin.
  • We have optimized the images.
  • We have made some WPO improvements to improve loading speed and improve Google’s Core Web Vitals.
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*Source: Ahrefs

There are many more tasks, but these are the most relevant. We still have many to implement, so far the results are favorable, but we are not satisfied.

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