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Freelance aso consultant

I am ASO consultant and SEO for mobile applications specialist. I will help you to rank your Android apps, on Google Play Store, Apple App Store for IOS applications and on Google web search.

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seo audit app (and games)

We will begin ASO (App Store Optimization) process to optimize your app through an audit, to increase visibility, increase traffic and improve conversion rate (generate the maximum number of installations).

Why hiring app store optimization services?

All users must download the app through the store, either organic or non-organic installs. So it is the most important moment of sales funnel. It will be the first responsability for my as ASO freelance consultant to focus on this to improve your app installs.

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aso professional formula

ASO strategies to increase traffic, conversions and retention can be summarized as:

  • Improve CTR (Click Through Rate)
  • Improve CVR (Conversion Rate)

This “easy” formula will get your app more installs.

ASO Search Factors

We must differentiate on-metadata ASO factors, which depend directly on us and we manage on developer consoles, from off-metadata ASO factors, which we do not control directly.


  • Title on Google Play
  • App Name on App Store
  • Short Description on Google Play
  • Subtitle on App Store
  • Keywords Field on App Store
  • Promotional Text on App Store
  • Description on Google Play
  • Icon & Screenshots
  • Vídeo Preview
  • Category
  • Featured Image on Google Play
  • Sales in-app on App Store
  • Developer name
  • Developer record
  • URL/Package on Google Play
  • App size
  • Android Vitals on Google Play


  • Installs amount
  • Installs speed
  • Reviews amount
  • Position on ranking
  • Average rate
  • Comments on Google Play
  • Links
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ASO users acquisition – App & play store optimization

It consists of downloads from app stores via search and browsing.

How aso specialist aso expert work users acquisition (Apps SEO)?

It consists of downloads from Google mobile web search.

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